Our implementation models assist to gain value from existing infrastructure and cloud services to enable a digitally transformed organisation.

How it works

To bridge the shift in technology towards the cloud and enable clients to take advantage of the many public cloud opportunities, WE developed a range of services that helps to accelerate the journey to the cloud. Our expertise as a Cloud Service Provider, the broad cloud service offerings and global infrastructure are now combined to facilitate cloud adaptation and migration.

Through the current digital transformation, technology is fostering entirely new business models as well as reshaping many existing processes. This coincides with the shift from traditional data centres built on hardware and software towards an IT-as-a-Service delivery model, which is the conceptual blueprint for the cloud. We are dedicated to combining and coordinating these major trends, making the cloud an essential and readily available vehicle for business development.

With Radix Solutions as your partner, there is no reason for viewing cloud migration as a burdensome learning experience. From our legacy of delivering on-premises and hosted services, we understand your current environment as well as the hybrid world you are entering. We know that one size does not fit all. Therefore, our solutions are flexible and let you choose the optimal blend of cloud services, on-premises and hosted infrastructure to suit your specific needs.

We use the following approach in the journey to IT As a Service.



The business cloud alignment delivers a roadmap for clients where they can find the balance between innovative, flexible IT resources and day-to-day operations.

Service Design

Interactive workshops where we gather information to inventory the business requirements, current situation and challenges, goals and objectives and desired target state.


Provides the controlled migration of workloads to the selected cloud provider with detailed installation designs and actual migration plans per workload are created.


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