During the transformation, detailed installation designs and actual migration plans per workload or groups of workloads are created.

How it works

In this process the resources used on the cloud providers platform still needs to be created. This installation can be done manual, scripted or by templates. The activation of resources comes with detailed design elements such as type of machines, type of deployment, identity and Access management, security setup, OS installs and updates and application deployments.

Implementation is done in parallel as much as possible. A technical test and acceptance is performed after delivery of each component, before handing it over to the client for a functional test. To make sure that all components will function together, a pilot is performed in which all components are tested as a complete solution.

In case of outsourced components, additional tests will take place to insure the serviceability of the solution (remote management, call handling, alignment of processes, etc.).



The business cloud alignment delivers a roadmap for clients where they can find the balance between innovative, flexible IT resources and day-to-day operations.

Service Design

Interactive workshops where we gather information to inventory the business requirements, current situation and challenges, goals and objectives and desired target state.


Provides the controlled migration of workloads to the selected cloud provider with detailed installation designs and actual migration plans per workload are created.


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