Many companies store their critical business information in the Cloud and a technology strategy with IT governance is included as a key element of their compliance programmes.

How it works

Our Technology Strategy team provides strategic, tactical and operational guidance to your business. We ensure that your Technology Strategy and assets are aligned with your business strategy and goals. We work with your senior management team to plan and develop an effective Target Operating Model that supports improved alignment and value for IT as a Service (ITaaS).

We help you to identify your current pain points and develop a suitable business case with justification and benefits for effective monitoring and value creation. Guiding the adoption of best practices that meet your operational approach to change with tailored processes and practices.

Governance frameworks

King IV

Information Technology is key to the growth and sustainability of organisations. The report suggests that organisations use an IT governance model to direct and manage the existing and future utilisation of IT.


An IT governance framework to assist organisations to govern and manage IT, using manageable processes that are structured logically and optimise IT investments against specific metrics to measure maturity and progress to achieve business goals.


Assists organisations with the governance and management of IT service management to gain optimal value from IT services by providing a practical framework to identify, plan, deliver, and support IT services.


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