Digital Transformation

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Radix Solutions is a Managed Service Provider providing hybrid IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS)

Digital Transformation Approach

Our Digital Transformation team helps you identify the current challenges your business is facing and which solutions help achieve your goals. These solutions could range from front-end transformation initiatives and customer experience to back-end transformation, such as Cloud services and IT as a Service (ITaaS).


A flexible and efficient way to simplify and modernize IT to increase the speed of business and innovation.


Move faster to cloud ITaaS technology by Automating IT processes to improve business outcomes.


Protect critical data with reliable, scalable, cloud-enabled, and converged infrastructure-ready technology.

Transformation Journey

Digital Transformation Journey

Our Digital Transformation team helps you develop a suitable business case with justification and benefits for effective monitoring and value creation. Guiding the transformation process and building a Digital Strategy that meets your operational approach to change with tailored procedures and practices.

Our team supports you on your Digital Transformation journey by delivering the capabilities to transform, integrate your technologies, navigate the landscape of innovation, and share successful approaches and best practices. Communicating your plan and vision with employees and obtaining buy-in to make the journey a success.

Whether you need to achieve a complete or partial Digital Transformation program, our proven methodology focuses on business and user needs and planning for process changes’ operational impact. Design a journey to suit your business needs, business maturity, and end-to-end processes and manage change initiatives resulting in flexibility, responsiveness, and efficiencies.

Areas of Service

Our Digital Advisory enables strategies and business outcomes by identifying and meeting people and business needs through technology. By identifying where to place your efforts, we position technology to enable sustainable transformation.


Our Transformation team focuses on the “how” of getting things done and might include agile transformation. It typically involves optimization and automation of processes so that the organization can focus on higher-value projects. Starting with the most common processes and then continuing onto those with lesser returns. The end goal is to relieve the company from these tasks’ burden to innovate or provide higher-value services and offerings to the market.


Our Transformation team focuses on transforming the whole customer experience. We look at taking advantage of previous investment in systems to understand market segments and specific demographics. We are transforming customer experiences by promoting brands through digital media, building analytic capabilities to get to know customers more in detail, and integrating customer purchase data to offer better and personalized sales and customer services.


Our Transformation team focuses on Digital initiatives that require each building block to be developed and used to the same degree. The framework provides executives with a coherent structure for thinking through and managing large-scale digital programs. While each of these building blocks is important, the real value is in being able to integrate them and manage the cross-business contingencies and dependencies of a large-scale digital initiative.